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HerOutcome is a platform that specializes in women’s mental health. Here, women can find a therapist who has experience working with women, as well as care about women’s issues.

For providers, we work to promote your practice and professional growth while respecting your autonomy. We use a proprietary matching algorithm to make sure the client is optimally matched with you for greater outcomes. For you, it means reduced cancellation, no-shows, or premature termination. Importantly, using our matching method, your profile will appear when matched with a client’s search, reducing the likelihood of getting lost in a directory and never reaching the client.

We match the client and therapist based on the client’s preferences (e.g., therapist’s gender, race, theoretical orientation, payment/insurance) and the therapist’s background, payment model, and style.

We provide referrals and a community for providers to connect for emotional support and build expertise in women’s mental health. As noted earlier, our matching method maximizes the chances of your profile being seen by clients when their search criteria match your profile.

Absolutely. Many of our clients may be willing to pay extra for a good therapeutic fit and greater outcome.

HerOutcome provides the client with a list of matching therapists. The client reviews the profiles and contacts the provider directly to make an appointment. At this point, the handshake happens; You and your client discuss the way of working and the next step toward building a therapeutic relationship.

We verify your credentials to make sure your licensure is in good standing in your state(s).

We offer a 3-month free trial. After that, if you’re satisfied, you can enjoy all the benefits for $24.95 per month. No contract or plan required.

It is intended to empower clinicians to have an on-going dialogue with their clients about treatment expectations and progress. To that end, it might be helpful to explain to the client that a high score on the depression scale, for example, may reflect the fact that the client is working through some difficult
material, which is essential to healing.

It’s not mandatory for clients or therapists to use this tracking tool. Rather,
it’s a resource that is meant to facilitate therapeutic alliance building.

Importantly, we’re not publishing any specific data or treatment outcomes for specific clients or therapists.

The Care Plan is a tool that clients and therapists could use as part of the treatment if deemed relevant by the parties. It’s designed to be simple and easy to complete and maintain for therapists. Essentially, therapists could indicate 2-3 goals that they and clients have agreed to address in their work

Studies have shown that client empowerment and treatment transparency, to the extent that’s helpful to the client, increases treatment adherence and outcomes.

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